What to Expect

If you would like to use insurance, we call your insurance provider and verify your benefits.  Once we notify you of your estimated insurance coverage, you can decide if you would like to schedule an initial evaluation.  (If you recently received a speech-language evaluation, you may not need to complete another evaluation.  This will be determined by a speech-language pathologist).  You will need to complete the "New Patient Forms" and bring them with you to your evaluation appointment.   Evaluations are approximately 2 hours.  At the end of the evaluation, your therapist will discuss the session and the plan of care.  In most cases, future speech therapy sessions can be scheduled on the same day after your evaluation.  You will be given a  formal report in approximately 2-4 weeks with your intake information, the assessment results and scores, informal observations, and a list of goals (if applicable).  

Our sessions are typically 30 minutes each (for children it is broken down to 25 minutes of direct therapy time and 5 minutes to discuss progress and home practice with the parent).  Homework is given to expedite progress.  This may include worksheets, activities, or a verbal discussion of how to interact or play with your child to target goals.