"Jodie helped our daughter overcome significant speaking challenges.  She was diligent in the protocol and helped us with exercises and small tips to help her stay consistent in good habits.  Through her process and therapy, Ms. Jodie built our daughter's self-esteem and today she is a very confident, young pre-teen who is articulate and speaks confidently to adults, friends, and teachers in school!  Ms. Jodie was a great motivator and knows how to connect with children!" 


"Jodie worked really well with my son.  She established a great relationship which allowed him to be comfortable during the sessions.  Jodie provided informative feedback after all sessions and provided helpful information and homework to reinforce the work done in the session.  I was very pleased with the therapy she provided."


" My son had the unique opportunity to work with Jodie and Valintean for his speech therapy.  He worked with both therapists for about two years on his speech delay.   As a young child he was very shy and afraid to make mistakes as he was learning his new sounds and oral muscle movements.  Jodie and Valintean were patient  and made him feel comfortable enough to open up and progress in his therapies.  In  my opinion, having a speech therapist that includes the parents or caregivers is key to making huge strides towards success.  Jodie and Valintean always made sure I was informed on what we could do at home to continue to improve.  We feel fortunate to be able to work with them and they have guided him into a song speaking child."